Friday, July 16, 2010

Home, Sweet Home!

Hello out there! My name is Lauren, and I love stuff. Stuff like grilling out, listening to lounge-ish music, and most of all anything creative! I am a graphic designer, so this love for creative stuff is a given. I got married to a wonderful man, Simon, in October '08, and we bought our first house almost a year to date after the wedding. Now that we are all settled in (and since it has almost been a year that we have been here), we are ready to get this decorating journey started. Sure, there are a few places that are already decorated in our house. Okay, just one (the downstairs bathroom). BUT we have sketches for everything else, so that's a start. So with all of that said, this blog will focus on our decorating efforts, DIY efforts, anything else that we love interior wise and whatever else we decide to put on here. I hope you enjoy!

This is a picture of us after closing...yeah, there were a lot of papers to sign as you can see in our expressions (well, maybe just his).

Oh yeah, this is a picture of our darling house!

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