City Life in Suburbia
This series is about living in the suburbs but still finding bits of "The Big City" in it.  Restaurants, shops, cafes, social gathering spots, and more.  click to view posts.

Challenging Space
Let's face it, every home has a space that is challenging to decorate.  What should I put there?  How can I decorate this so that it is beautiful yet functional?  How can I decorate my living room and keep the TV?  Places in a home that may be an afterthought are what is covered here.  click to view posts.

Anniversary Date Night
In January 2012 Simon and I decided to start celebrating our wedding anniversary with a special monthly date night.  From dressing up in 1960's attire and watching the season premiere of Mad Men to going to concerts, we show you how we celebrate.  click to view posts.

Pinterest Challenge
These are the brave efforts of making my own version of items that I have pinned onto my Pinterest boards.  click to view posts

What's on your Home Screen?
This series shows the cell phone home screen of various people and they explain why they choose to have certain apps on their home screen.  I think that you can tell a lot about a person based on what they have on their home screen!  click to view posts.