Sunday, March 4, 2012

Juliette Gréco

Has anyone heard of her or am I terribly late?  I first heard of Juliette Gréco from the movie An Education.  Oh boy, do I love this movie (largely because of the scenes from France)!  I tend to watch it every time it comes on.  I love movies based in the 20's-60's especially if there is a foreign influence in it.

After hearing two of her songs in the movie I was drawn to her.  My favorite is Sur Les Quais Du Vieux Paris (loosely interpreted to "On The Quays Of Old Paris").  The images in this video make me want to jump on the next plane to Paris!

I found some great images that are so classy of Juliette.  Here are a few:

Apparently she and Miles Davis had a relationship.  Sounds like a power couple to me!

Hello, coffee table!
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I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

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