Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Forward Project List

I like to celebrate Spring a little earlier than the official day because I LOVE when daylight savings time begins!  Okay, I don't like that I'm sleepier because of the lost hour, but that is overshadowed by the following:
  • Arriving home from work when it's still daylight (i.e. not feeling so sleepy on the ride home)
  • Weekday grilling
  • Sitting outside watching the sunset from home
  • Wearing sunglasses on the way home
  • Being able to take a walk in the evening
This is all to say that I will be able to do more with my evenings.  I will even be able to start a few projects that I've been sitting on due to lack of daylight and the cooler temperatures!  So here is my Spring project list accompanied by current pictures (i.e. before pictures) of how each place looks-

1. Master bedroom/bathroom decorating (paint, furnish, styling, extra credit: ceiling design)

2. Master closet renovation (new light fixture, add shelving and create a very girly area)

3. Paint furniture (dresser, desk and nightstand)

4. Decorate the entryway (paint walls, add a better window covering, runner and artwork)

5. Finish decorating the living room (make artwork, get some bookcases and another TV stand, get better window shades, mantel and mantel wall decorating)

6. Change out the kitchen light fixture and hang more artwork (extra credit: purchase new bar stools)

(this is the best picture I could find...I know it doesn't show the current light fixture.  It's nothing fancy.  Just a big, rectangular fluorescent hunk of blah)

7. Re-style the bar area

8. Spruce up the patio area (add pillows to the furniture and some potted plants. extra credit: a new light by the door)

    This list should keep me busy well into the Summer, so when I say "Spring Forward Project List" I mean starting in the Spring, ha!  I will probably be working on all items simultaneously, so it should be interesting around here very soon.

    What projects do you all have lined up?


    1. Your house is GORGEOUS. Seriously ... I love your entry hallway. So much potential. AND, you master is HUGE. Your project list is awesome and I can't wait to see all the changes!

    2. Thanks, Jenn! I hope I can finish everything...or at least half of it, ha!

    3. Fun list! Love it!I like your patio set, its pretty!! We need a sofa set to go with our table!! Where did you find yours at??

    4. I love your list of reasons to be excited about the time change and spring. I definitely like it being light out longer once I get home.

    5. Thanks, Katrina! I actually got it a couple of years ago from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore :) I love that place!


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