Thursday, April 12, 2012


I hope your week is coming along well!  Mine has been interesting.  I changed desks at work so I have a nice view now.  Hopefully it's permanent.  Maybe I'll bring a little plant with flowers on it so that I can make it a little more joyful over here.

Anyway, this post will not have any pictures attached, so if you love pictures you may not want to continue :)

Bills...ugh!  They annoy me.  I am thankful that I am able to pay them on time, however, I really need to make some changes.  I want to get rid of bills that are a waste of money, and try to cut others down.

Here's a list of what I want to do respectively:

1. Upgrade our home security system to a kind that doesn't require a home phone.
2. Cancel our home phone service (it barely works and I'm not paying a tech to service it because that's EXPENSIVE).
3. Upgrade to a faster internet speed.
4. Order Netflix and a Roku box (check out more info on the Roku over at Katrina's blog)
5. Cancel cable (I watch a few shows religiously, but most of them are available online for free...)
**extra credit- maybe sign up for a payed hulu plan
6. Switch to a cheaper cell phone plan (this may not be the last thing that I do; it will probably happen in the midst of everything else).

After all of this is complete, I'll probably be saving well over $100 a month.  I'm not going to stop there, either.  I'm going to continue to look for other ways to lower or eliminate bills.  The fewer bills I get the happier I'll be!

Have you gone through a bill lowering/eliminating spell?  If so, what did you cut out or cut down?  I need more ideas :)


  1. We've totally been through this. We were taking on crazy amounts of bigger debt though. It took a few years, but we just concentrated on paying off one, and when that was done we took the money that we were putting towards it and started focusing on the next bill and so on. In the process, to help, we got rid of cable, didn't upgrade phones, went out lots less, etc. Like I said, it took a few years, but we paid off our last big bill last month and it feels AMAZING.

  2. Wow, that's amazing, congratulations! So happy that you paid your debt down! That's a great way to pay bills down.

  3. Yes! I hate paying for things we don't need or don't use. I think next on my list is changing our home alarm to one where we don't need a home phone! I've also been doing lots of slow cooker meals which is perfect for left overs :)

  4. Omg, YES! The slow cooker is a God send! Great tip!


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