Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wall Art from a calendar

Since I posted about the DIY dry erase board for my office yesterday, I decided to keep up the office momentum.  I had a calendar from 2006 that I kept because I loved the illustrations.  It's called "Haute Couture Vintage Fashion Illustrations" by Rene Gruau.

The illustrations were just too pretty to trash, so I kept them for six years just to hang them in the right place.  My office is not decorated at all.  I'm still trying to clean it up...a project that has been a work in progress for three years (yikes!).  My walls are bare.  The only thing that is hanging is a pair of curtains to keep the cold weather out.  Anyway, I decided to attach all of the illustrations to a matte board and hang it above my computer.

Now I have a little ray of sunshine in here!

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  1. Those prints are fab, no wonder you kept them!


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