Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Typography is a friend of mine

Maybe it's just the designer in me, but I really do love typography. I find it entertaining to try to remember the names of fonts that I see on billboards, magazines, tv, wherever. Lame? Oh well, I love it!

So as a result of this love, typography has spilled over to my home decor. Oddly
enough, the only room that is fully decorated in my house is the guest bathroom {as of two days ago}. I guess it's kind of a default thing since it's the bathroom on the main level and everyone that visits uses it. Of course, I fell upon a shower curtain that goes with the paint, floor and cabinets in the bathroom so well...and it just so happens to have different fonts all over it. Loved it, so snatched it! Then I decided to house extra towels and washcloths into the basket that we used to hold our wedding programs {reduce, reuse, recycle!}. So this is before...

and this is after...

The bathroom has looked like this since October '09. There was something missing though. I started wondering what kind of images do you hang in a bathroom? Let's see...watercolor paintings of bathroom images like a pedestal sink or a claw foot tub? Nah, won't go with the overall look or feel. Hmmm...a picture of hubs and I? Nah, I doubt you want to look at a picture of us while you're on the toilet. Awkward? Then came a brilliant idea...

Duh! Carry out the typography theme with hubs and my initials! So I designed the prints and put them in a frame that I already had, rearranged the items on the counter, and called it a night!

Here is the completed bathroom:

One room down...seven to go!


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