Friday, May 13, 2011


Did anyone think of the CeCe Peniston song, "Finally", when you read that title? I did, and if you weren't you are now :)

Anyway, finally we have a place to comfortably plop down after a long hard day at work! After months of trying to decide what style to get (double sofa style sectional, sofa and chaise, two sofas, sofa and two chairs, etc.), we finally bought something! Yes I said months...remember that Decisive Person in Training thing that I spoke of? We checked out a few places to see what they had to offer. Rooms to Go didn't have much, American Signature Furniture had a few things but nothing that moved me. Some other place we went to didn't have much (apparently so because I don't even remember the name of the store). Then I thought back. One of my bestest friends and I are new home owners, so we love to shop for home items together. She's the only person that I can spend five hours with in Ikea and not hear any complaints (...literally five hours). The last time we went I fell in love with this sectional-
It's light gray and so incredibly comfortable, so after emailing pictures to Simon he agreed and we purchased it! This is Ikea though, so of course we had to put it together ourselves. There were five packages total hence even more fun! Cue exciting pictures of random sofa pieces, screws and tools scattered about...

This is how the great room looked before with our wonderful futon (and pillows and coffee table and black table in background) from Ikea.

This is the process-
Guess what was under here?

And the directions were in the box with the covers, so if for some reason you opted against buying a cover from Ikea, you would be pretty much screwed.

After it's all said and done-

Success! Now for some pillows...and a little artwork...and mirrors...

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