Monday, June 20, 2011

Accountability- Update 1

It's time for an update on my list of accountable items:

Car services
- Purchase new tires {2 at a time} complete!  I ended up buying a full set and am soooooo glad I did because the axle issue was resolved.  Now I can drive 65+ and the car doesn't shake anymore!
- Change the spark plugs I don't need to worry about this right now; it doesn't appear to be an issue after all.
- Add more coolant complete!
- Service for steering wheel issue
- Service for axle resolved (see above)!
- Switch car over to my name

- Washer and Dryer bi-yearly checkup
- Water temperature issue in master bath postponed until the winter since this is only an issue in the colder months.
- Electrical issue with fan in great room
- Get a physical
- Visit the lady doctor

- Updates for Milestone Events website removed; I did send over the information that I needed to complete so I'm as done as I can be at the moment.
- Redo my Portfolio website and change the url
- Switch business website to shop
- Redesign business blog
- Renew Internet Security software
-(addition on 6/5) Copyright new prints

That would be all for now.  I've done a decent amount of things thus far.  I'll be checking in sporadically with updates to this list.

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