Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh Savannah! Pt 3

Finishing up on our little weekend getaway recap, we went to a restaurant for Simon's birthday called The Distillery. It was pretty nice and had some interesting menu items (i.e. fried pickles with a honey sauce for dipping, pretzel bites with dip and beer upon beer upon beer...nothing well known). Simon had a chocolate draught beer which wasn't half bad to someone that doesn't like heavy beer (me). Oh, and the fried pickles were AWESOME! They reminded me of jalapeno poppers minus the bite.

More proof that we vacationed together-

We then had a night cap back at the room of our wine that was purchased earlier in the day. Yum! Cute glasses too, right? Thanks to the hotel room's kitchen supply area!

The next day (aka departure day) we opted for a late checkout to visit River Street one more time along with a few more antique shops. We then headed out of the city and to Tybee Island to get some fresh crabs for lunch! We decided to go to The Crab Shack (and not Joe's). It was packed! Apparently Sunday afternoons are for young partiers that sit on their boats and drink. If I had a boat I'd probably do the same...

Here's a shot of said boats and lakes and such.

We even encountered an alligator or two...or more.  They were rather comfortable it seems.

Especially this guy...

After getting full we hit the road! Along the way we were blessed with some of God's artwork (such a talented artist He is!)-

And that is the end of The Myers' weekend getaway. Hopefully we will be taking more of these in the near future.

Anyone planning a fun getaway some time this summer?

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