Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oh Savannah! Pt 2

Continuing on our weekend journey to Savannah (part 1 here), we walked up and down River Street. This is a street that faces the Savannah River. You can see large cargo ships and small ships traveling all day and night. You can also take river boat cruises if that's your bag.

A few sights from River Street-

Afterward, we walked around the city because I wanted to see some old architecture. We grabbed lunch and ate in one of the MANY parks in the area. Also, horse and carriage rides are a norm, so we saw plenty of them during this trip (though we didn't ride one)!

A few shots of parks, buildings, horses and other random things that I liked and wanted to photograph-

Forrest Gump fans, the restaurant below was where Jenny worked as a server in the movie!

Proof that we vacationed together :)

Part three of our trip will be coming soon! In the meantime, here's a question. You may notice that I spoke of lots of places and things but don't have pictures to show for them. It's because I felt kind of awkward taking pictures in shops and restaurants. Do any of you take pictures in shops, etc, and if so do you ask an employee if it's okay first or do you just shoot until they stop you?

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