Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to spend $21

Hobby Lobby.  That's how.

Apparently they've decided to get rid of a lot of items because they've had a 80% off sale for the last two weekends!  Yes, I fell for the trap.  I made out good though!

Here are the things that I bought two weekends ago:

I had a vision of a tall, square shaped basket to put into the pantry to hold all of the grocery bags that we reuse.  After all, this looks like pure crap

The next day I found this

Notice the price tag was 10 bucks, down from $49.99!
The pantry corner after

Next, I had been looking for a tray to place alcoholic beverages on on the dining room buffet.  I didn't realize that they can be pricey!  Well not that day!

This baby was $2.00, originally $10!  I'm thinking about spray painting it a different color, but I think I like the Jade.  Thoughts?

I'm on a new cleaning kick, and I realized that I needed ANOTHER basket to place all of my cleaning items in so that I can easily carry them around the house.

On clearance for $2.80, originally $13.99

I'm going to start decorating the master bedroom within the next few weeks, and this also includes the bathroom and closet.  I have so much jewelry (especially from last year when I was making it) and I need more storage options.  Cue new jewelry hooks:

I enjoy the vintage look of it, and I'm probably going to spray paint it some other color.  I like it even more because it was $4.00 (forgot the original price).

Finally, I was looking at the LCY blog and noticed a great storage idea for match books.  I found this little baby for $3.20 (something like that).

So there you have it, $21 for all of this.  I was elated when I left the store.  Stay tuned to see how I am utilizing these items!

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