Thursday, June 30, 2011

Potential Basket Addiction

I sat down and thought for a brief moment...I use a lot of baskets in my home! I realized this after I finished the previous post because I happened to buy two baskets during my hobby lobby trip.  So I decided to dedicate a post to the wonderful world of baskets- just how many do I use in my home and why?

To start, baskets are a great way to hide stuff!  Throw it in a basket and it's gone forever...well, that's what I like to think.  Next, they're a good way to keep similar items together.  Last, they're just so darn cute.  They come in so many sizes, shapes and colors, who could pass them up?

I am actively using a total of nine baskets.  Actively means that they're not just sitting there collecting dust.

1. Under the kitchen sink- cleaning products for the kitchen.  I got this idea from a blog, don't remember which one.  They mentioned that putting bottles and such into a basket will keep them more organized and eliminate the issue of bottles falling down when you reach for something else.

2. Under a kitchen cabinet- All (well, most) of Simon's tea and coffee paraphernalia as well as vitamins and supplements are housed in this basket because I hate cluttered counters.  This was implemented a few days ago in fact.

3. Under another kitchen cabinet- Household knickknacks ranging from rubber gloves to paint stir sticks to shoe polish to who knows what else.  It definitely helps with keeping things in one spot!

4.  In the pantry- As stated in the post prior to this one, this was bought to house plastic grocery bags.

5. My Night Stand- Since these night stands are open and are without cabinets/drawers, I felt that a basket would be wise to place here in which nightstand-esque items can be stored.

6. Under my bathroom sink- The other basket bought in the previous post.  This houses all of the cleaning products that are not intended for the kitchen.  It's so much more easy carrying these things around now.  This was implemented last week.

7. Under my other bathroom sink- Hair products.  I have plenty of them.  I keep the items that I use most frequently here so that I can just pull it out, use things, then conceal it under the sink again.

8. In the Coat Closet- There is a small basket in here that is used to store umbrellas and whatever else. Okay, this one might be collecting dust, but it still is being used for its purpose.

9. In the Laundry Room- I use a basket to store toilet paper because it looks so much cuter in a basket rather than suffocating in plastic.

I think that's all.  Who knows, I might find more baskets that I forgot about and add them in another post.

So, is anyone else obsessed with baskets like I am?

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