Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Love Cole Haan

I have been on the search for a nice pair of aviators.  I saw a few nice pairs over the last few months, but didn't get them.  Today I ran across these aviators by Cole Haan (whom I absolutely love!).  I didn't buy them, but who knows what may happen.  Maybe someone will miraculously gift them to me just because I'm such a kind person :)

Love in its purest form <3 <--that's a heart if ya didn't know.


  1. Those are great! I actually found a PERFECT pair of aviators at Target of all places a couple years ago. And, then last summer I left them in a dressing room .... waaahhh! I've been on the hunt for a new pair every since, and I think I'll have to hunt these down :)

  2. Funny enough I actually found a pair at Target last night! They will hold me over until I can afford these :)

  3. those are soo nice! Are they unisex??
    My guy is looking for some nice aviators...but i like those for me! ha!

  4. These are for ladies, but they have some nice ones for men as well! Maybe you can get these as a bday gift to yourself :)


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