Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A mini project

As I was loading some images onto my computer, I came across this quickie that I forgot to share.  Simon acquired this picture frame from work, and he only brought it home because he thought that I would appreciate fixing it up.  He was so right, even if it took a couple of months to finally get to. um...picture.  Actually the picture could work in the right place.  Just not my house!

Beautiful white spray paint, we meet again.

Been fishing lately?

DIY matte

(the following image is unrelated to the matte, I just felt like including it)

The end result.  I'm thinking about hanging this in my office, but then I just thought about swapping out the image and hanging it in the guest bathroom.  Who knows.

(Print available here!)

So that's my little quickie.  Aren't quickies great?


  1. That's cute!! Is the diy matte hard?

  2. Thanks! No, the matte is rather easy to make. Just get some matte board and cut the space in the middle out for your image to fit into. The tricky part can be making sure your measurements are right, that's why I always use a pencil for the marks and place the image where the marks are before cutting.

  3. This is so super cute! What a great transformation for that little frame :)


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