Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Do any of your walls look like this?

I'm not ashamed!  But come on...it's potentially shameful.  Probably the part about the walls being like this for over a year.

Bedroom wall when I was thinking of painting our room gray.  Who am I kidding?  I love gray and it will always be a contender.

Another bedroom wall

Bathroom fun

More bathroom fun

Thinking of painting the dining room plum.  Opted against, but this is still there.  I need to have this brown matched so that I can paint over it...before Thanksgiving.
But no fear mon frère (I've been saying this all week ever since I heard it on a video last week)!  We plan on starting to decorate our bedroom this month, so things will be changing soon.


  1. grey is always a GO for me in bedrooms - all three bedrooms in our little casa are a shade of grey! lol :)

  2. If I could have it my way (aka no husband's opinion)every room in my house would be a shade of gray, ha!


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