Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Welcome to the S+L 3rd Anniversary Virtual Party!

It has almost been three years that I have been a married woman.  To celebrate, I will be posting some behind the scenes info about our wedding for the week leading up to our anniversary (which is on the 26th).  I borrowed this idea from Jenn at A Home in the Making.  We happen to share the same anniversary month and year (I didn't even know)!  She posted about her wedding day, the decor and other fun facts all throughout her week.  Loving this idea I decided to do it as well!  Thank you, Jenn!

A few things that I will cover:
Theme- colors, style
Paper Items- Invitation Suite, programs, dinner menu, etc.
Location- including decor
Elements- all of the things that made our wedding day reflect us
Where are they now?- How we have incorporated some of our wedding items into our every day lives.

If you're into weddings, I hope you enjoy!  If you're not...maybe you will see something that you like at some point?  Let's begin?

To start, here's a cute engagement photo of us

If you remember reading, I've described myself as a decisive person in training multiple times.  Planning this wedding was the epitome of my lack of decisive...decisions.  My sister would back me up on this one 100% (thanks again for hanging in there with me, Sis).

I knew from the start that I didn't want a traditional wedding.  I wanted a few traditions, but I really just wanted our wedding to be a chic, modern party where two people happen to get hitched.  That was our unofficial yet official theme.  I think we pulled it off.

Because I wanted non-traditional, I didn't want to get married in a church, or in a place that had crazy carpet (aka a hotel...unless it was upscale).  I wanted a lofty downtown, sexy lounge feel and finally found that in Lambert Place.

This set the tone for the wedding, and when I finally decided on the colors, I decided on incorporating espresso since a lot of the decor at Lambert Place happened to be this color.  I also wanted a non-traditional color scheme, so after many MANY changes (here are a few)...

via here

{Though I didn't use these colors for my wedding, they were the colors for my lingerie bridal shower.  Sexy!  (image via here)}
 ...I settled on Espresso, Pool, Ivory and touches of Lime Green (apparently everyone else did in 2008 as well).

via here
*unfortunately I don't know all of the sources for the images I posted here because they were on my computer from '08.  If you know any please tell me!

See you in a few for part two!


  1. Oh wow, your location is GORGEOUS! I'm excited to see more :) I LOVE checking out other peoples weddings and am so glad you're doing this!


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