Thursday, October 20, 2011

S+L 3rd Anniversary: Paper and DIY Elements

Welcome back to the S+L 3rd Anniversary Virtual Party!  If you missed it, we started off with the theme of our wedding, the site details and the color scheme.  Check it out here.

Next up on our journey back down memory lane are the paper items and DIY projects.  Once again, it took a while to narrow down the kind of invitation that I wanted, but I finally settled on a booklet format.  The invitations were placed inside of a shimmery brown envelope with custom address and return labels.  I designed a logo for all of our items since I call designing for a wedding (or any occasion) "Event Branding".  After all, you do want to distinguish your event from others by using custom elements.  The cover and back were printed on a shimmery ivory cover stock, and the inside pages were printed on ivory colored lined paper.  To keep the booklet together we tied ribbons of both pool and espresso.  All of the elements on this post were DIY'ed with love!


"I have found the one in whom my soul delights"

 The dinner menu {spoiler alert!  That is an illustration that I created of our wedding cake.  Those details are to come!}

Programs rolled up, tied with espresso, pool and lime ribbon then placed in a basket.

The Program
Photo guest book.  I wrapped a watercolor book in espresso fabric and included our logo, names and wedding date then added ribbon to the edges.  I sectioned off certain areas inside because they were placeholders for wedding photos.

We created a snack bar in lieu of traditional favors, and these Chinese take out boxes were a part of the packaging.

Table name cards.  Each table was named after something that related to Simon and I either individually or as a couple.  The back explained the story of the word or location on the front, and was meant to encourage movement so that guests would read all of the cards.

Table/room diagram.  The brown strip on each table represented the table runners and the circle on the right with our logo represented our sweetheart table.

Escort cards.  Each guest name was included and hand stamped with a design in the corner.  They hung from branches by pool and brown ribbons.  The branches were in pots that were spray painted brown and had moss as a filler.

The bubbles for guests to blow upon our exit.  We tied espresso, pool and lime green ribbons onto the bottles.

 Stay tuned for more wedding fun!


  1. I love everything about your invitations ... your logo, the font, the colors. You are so super talented! Also, I really like that you had lime green with the blue and brown. It's such a fun addition to the color scheme :)

  2. Aww thanks so much :)


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