Monday, October 24, 2011

S+L 3rd Anniversary: Decor and Other Fun Stuff

Welcome back from the weekend!  Hopefully yours was well.  Mine was nice.  If you follow me on twitter, you already know that I attended a wedding on Saturday.  Every time I go to a wedding it takes me back to our day.  Pair that with going through all of our wedding pictures for the past week and a half and you get a full on love fest!  If you have missed any of the previous posts for our anniversary week, check them all out here.

Today we will be covering our decor and other fun stuff.  The decor was simple, mainly because we're not in to overly extravagant things, but also because Lambert Place was decorated nicely already.  In the ceremony room, the only thing that we added were florals to the arch.  Everything else in there was beautiful as it was.  I didn't want a runner, but I did have pool, lime and ivory petals going down the isle.

As far as the reception area, the only thing that we did was add a few vases filled with white sand and flowers, and a few glasses with blue glass rocks at the bottom and floating candles to the tables. There were also small glass tea light candle holders on each table.  The table name cards added a punch of color as well.  There was an espresso table runner on each table and the chairs were covered in ivory with a brown sash.  Out sweetheart table had a blue and brown table cloth on it and the chairs were covered in ivory with both brown and blue sashes (a surprise decor element that my coordinator added!).

Here are more images from inside.


We only had one cake.  I thought about doing a grooms cake but opted against.  After scouring the internet for different cake designs, I settled on a modified version of this:

Instead of one colored ribbon edge, I decided to do two, one on top of the other, espresso and pool (of course).  I purchased a silk flower from Hobby Lobby to stick into the cake.  We had a four tiered cake.  Two layers were chocolate cake with hazelnut cream filling, and the other two tiers were vanilla cake with strawberry mousse filling.  Delish!!!  On our dinner menu, as I mentioned earlier this week, I included an illustration of our cake and showed which flavors were on each tier.

Our menu was great!  The food was soooo good!  A lot of women say that they didn't get a chance to eat at their wedding, but I made it a point to eat...and I ate enough to still be able to fit my dress properly, but also get full.  I even asked my coordinator to make a plate with the cocktail hour hors d'oeuvres because I knew they were going to be gone!  Our cocktail hour sounded great from where we were (taking group pictures), because our DJ was spinning techno/house music.  I'm not going to list everything from the menu, but just to give you an idea we had mini beef wellington, crab cakes, hickory roasted salmon, french lemon chicken, roast pork tenderloin, various sides and assorted rolls.  Just delicious, and I'm getting hungry thinking about it.

In lieu of "traditional" favors, we set up a snack bar full of various candies and munchies.

Our anniversary is a couple of days away, yay!  Until then, adieu!

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  1. Wow, your venue is gorgeous ... and all your decorations complimented it so nicely. I am totally one of those women .... all I ate at our wedding was the salad course. Luckily, our coordinator boxed up a dinner for each of us, so we ate at the hotel. :)


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