Tuesday, October 25, 2011

S+L 3rd Anniversary: Our Attire

Welcome back to our 3rd Anniversary Virtual Party!  If you have missed the previous posts, check them out here.

The attire du jour deserves its own post, and rightfully so!  The dress.  Oh boy...the dress.  This would have to be the area that I had the most trouble deciding on.  I knew that I wanted a mermaid style and a low neckline.  I didn't really care for a white dress because I felt that ivory would look better on my skin.  I wanted a veil, but I didn't want it on the whole night.  I ended up finding a dress after MANY trips to boutiques around the city.  I happened to find it at a formal wear consignment shop, and the price was $150 if I recall correctly.  I loved the color, the small train (but long enough to bustle), the sweetheart neckline and especially loved the buttons going down the back.  Even after all that I loved about it, I still wasn't satisfied and continued looking at others.  I finally settled on the one that I had.  I added my own flair to it though.  Here's the dress before my additions:

And here is after:

Once I added the sash and brooch, I was in love!  I don't know how many times I put my dress on before the wedding, but I was definitely a pro at it by then.

My cousin purchased my shoes as a gift.  I added my own flair to them as well.  I purchased a pair of clip-on crystal earrings and clipped them onto my shoes which were brown peep-toe Steve Madden's.

I also borrowed my veil from once of my sister's friends.  It happened to be ivory AND had pearls on it, so it matched my dress beautifully.

My earrings were dainty tear drop crystals hanging from an emerald cut crystal.  Initially I purchased a beautiful pair of earrings that were long and sparkly and reminiscent of the 1920's.  I ended up returning them because I wanted a long necklace to compliment the sweetheart neckline instead.

I loved the concept of having a flower and feathers in my hair, so I created my own hair piece to be worn at the reception.  This was one of my favorite elements of attire.

As for Simon, he wore an espresso tux, ivory vest with a white shirt and ivory tie...the perfect compliment to my dress.  His grandmother also gave him a pair of cuff links to wear that were from a family member.


My bouquet was simple...well, kind of.  I decided to have Silk flowers for my wedding not only for the cost, but also because I could always have my bouquet!  This was the inspiration photo for my bouquet...

via here
...and this is my bouquet.

It was made up of ivory roses, tweedia, stepahnotis and ranuculus to name a few.  I added a little hummingbird pin to my bouquet since hummingbirds are a symbol of love, and I wanted the stems wrapped in espresso ribbon with pins going down the side (resembling the buttons going down my dress).

Simon's boutineer was an ivory rose with tweedia and stepahnotis which matched my bouquet.

Simon's sister did my hair.  She did a wonderful job, I really loved it!  A friend of mine that I met a few years before getting married did my makeup, and her (then) boyfriend happened to be a photographer, so he (Marlo Herring) shot our engagement and wedding photos.


There is more fun on the way because SURPRISE...I'm double posting today!  See you soon!


  1. Wow, you looked beautiful! I love your dress ... and the personalizations you made to it :)

  2. Thank you! I was (finally) pleased with the results :)


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