Thursday, February 9, 2012

My First Take at Bookcase Styling

I have dreams of becoming an interior stylist.  It sounds fun, I love photography...I love pretty much anything creative.  I have been searching for resources that explain styling techniques with no luck.  If you know any great resources please let me know!  Over the weekend I was itching to do something around the house.  I recently won a giveaway for 10 coffee table design books hosted by Monique Valeris of Decor Musings, and hadn't quite found the perfect spot for them.  After looking around I realized that the best place for them is in a common area, so the great room seemed fitting.  Simon had a small bookcase in his office that he no longer used, so I decided to do a little organizing with it.

This is how the area looked before-

And this is after-

I really enjoy the set up especially now that the stereo is off of the floor!  The books now have a home, and the little accessories add character.  As the title states, this is my first take at styling a bookcase...or anything for that matter.  I plan to get better over time!

Now I just have to figure out what to put on that huge, empty wall.  And by huge I mean two stories high...Oy!  There's always something to do.

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