Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Big and Bold vs. Light and Airy

I'm working on my indecisive nature, but I'm having a hard time with it right now.  As you may know, the decorating of my master bedroom/bathroom/closet is on my Spring Forward Project List.  I decided on the color scheme and had a few ideas in mind on how I wanted to paint the walls in the bedroom.  It involved a navy blue accent wall where the bed is, navy blue walls in the sitting area, and blue-grey for the rest of the walls.  After some thought, I decided that I'm not feeling the accent wall thing.  For some reason I just don't like accent walls as much as I used to.  Now the problem is that I have to figure out what color I'm going to paint the walls.  Navy blue all over or a lighter color.  I'm so confused!  I love the dramatic and bold look of a dark room, and it's just so sexy to me...

...but I also love the serene feeling of a light room...

Luckily our bedroom is large enough to be able to have a dark wall color and not make it appear too small, but I still love the illusion of a larger room by using lighter colors.  Decisions, decisions.

What are your thoughts on a dark vs. light bedroom?

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  1. Our bedroom is the only room in our house that I dared to use dark paint and I LOVE it. I'm so glad I went that route ... it makes the bedroom especially cozy and comfy. :)

  2. I tend to love lighter wall colors, although darker bedrooms are pretty too!


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