Monday, June 11, 2012

Grilling gear

If you haven't noticed by now, we love to grill at my house (it's even a part of the blog description and the grill has its own picture on the about page). 

When we purchased our grill two years ago, we knew we wanted a charcoal grill or a smoker (the food tastes so much better to us).  We decided on the Char-Griller brand and absolutely love it!

Simon got some great grilling gear for Christmas, and they are definitely being used on a weekly basis. 

Digital wireless thermometer

Heavy-duty tool set with holder

Charcoal starter

{Non-Christmas items}
A pan for water (seen behind the charcoal starter above)

Wood chips wrapped in foil for a smoked flavor

He has also been trying new techniques for the meat to be even better.  This includes placing a pan of water in the grill which adds moisture to the meats, and using a dry rub which gives the outside of the meat a nice crunch.  Of course he could explain the technical aspects of this better than I could, but all that matters is that the food tastes GREAT! :-D

Here are some shots from our Memorial Day cookout:

Fruit and veggie kabobs


Grilled Salmon Nicoise Salad

Whiskey sour with pineapple mango lemonade ice cubes!

So what are some of your go-to grilling items and techniques?


  1. Anonymous11.6.12

    that looks amazing! I wish that I had a grill like that!

  2. Those ice cubes sound amazing! Is there a secret recipe somewhere?

  3. We too love grilling!! Well Hasani grills and I come up with ideas lol. His favorite grilling item is the pizza stone. Over the weekend we made carnitas nachos so good! I'll post the recipe soon they are a MUST to try this Summer

  4. Thanks, Shelley! It's rather simple. We cut up pineapples into cubes, popped them into an ice cube tray, then poured mango lemonade into the tray :)

    Katrina, that sounds SOOO good! We will have to try the pizza out on the grill. The nachos sound delish as well...I'm getting hungry thinking about all of this, lol!

  5. I liked your grill it is great,would like to have it.The pictures are nice and all the food is just mouth watering.


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