Thursday, June 7, 2012

Anniversary Date Night: May 26th

Every Memorial Day weekend in Atlanta there is a free outdoor concert called the Atlanta Jazz Festival located at Piedmont Park.  It runs from Saturday-Monday.  It's a great sight.  People set up tents if they plan to be there all day.  Most people just bring chairs or blankets.  There are plenty of food and drink vendors, but nothing beats bringing your own food and drinks. Simon and I used to go every year after we started dating, but we had a slight break from it due to either work scheduling issues or the event being cancelled due to a drought for a couple of years.

Anyway, it just so happened that May 26th was during the Jazz Festival, so that's where we went.  We went with my parents (my Dad and I are fans of Roy Ayers, one of the performers there and the only person that we really wanted to see), and we all had a great time!



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  1. How nice, I really enjoyed that evening hanging out with you all.


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