Friday, June 1, 2012

May events: Changes around the house + new items

So I've made a few changes around the house, and I bought a few things.

First, I decided that I wasn't really feeling this painting above the TV.  There's something about it that I just don't love.  I'll be painting something over it.  Thank goodness for acrylic paint!

I traded out the painting for my Seasons prints (available here).  I enjoy the colors and the look of this much better!  I'm going to add something to the top of the TV to fill in the small empty area.

Next, I went to Home Goods (naturally!) and purchased some impromptu items.

Can't wait to get this all set up on my tray of feminine loveliness :)

These cups are a part of my outdoor dining gear.

These plates are a part of the outdoor dining gear as well.

Before I turned 30, I made a small list of things that I wanted to start doing so that I could burst into a new decade feeling great!  One of the things on my list was to get a bike.  Lets face it, the older you get the slower your metabolism gets :-\

I did some research and settled on this bike.

Unfortunately a couple of weeks later we got into a fight with a sand patch and a big hole.  Yeah, she's totaled.  So I got this bike as a replacement.  Here's praying that there will be no more altercations!

I have a long term goal to have only wooden hangers in my closet.  In the meantime, I'm getting rid of my wire hangers.  This looks crazy right?

Well I threw as much as I could of these out...

...and replaced them with these (thanks to my Grandma).

Much better!


  1. That is so sad about your new bike! But, I really like you new-new bike :). I switched out all my wire hangers for plastic a few years ago and it makes SUCH a HUGE difference! I think wire hangers are just way too hard on clothes.

    Have a great weekend! :)

  2. Thanks! So far so good on the new-new bike :) And yes, wire hangers destroy my clothes.

    Enjoy your weekend as well!

  3. Yay for bikes! They both look cute. Sorry to hear about the first one. Sand is my biking nemesis. Well, cars, then potholes, then train tracks, then ice, then sand. :)

    Happy 30th!!

  4. p.s. Forgot to say that I love those paintings. Impressive!

  5. Thanks, Dottie!

    It has been 10 years since I rode a bike, but I'm getting the hang of it again :)


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