Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What's on your Home Screen Lauren M.?

Hello there!  I've decided to start a new series here all about technology.  I love the "what's in your bag" series that bloggers post, so I decided to do a different spin on that.  Smartphones are becoming a part of more people's lives daily.  Where would we be without our phones?  I barely remember a world without mobile phones.  How did we make it without them back in the day?   What did we used to do in waiting rooms, boring house parties that we rode with someone else to, and during down time at work?  Many people have described their phones as an extension of their person.  With all of that being said, this new series will be called "What's on your Home Screen?".  I believe that the apps on one's home screen says a lot about them.  To start off, I will use my phone!

Phone // MyTouch 4g
Color // White
Apps //
        Messages -gotta have easy access to my texts.
        The Weather Channel- I check the weather nearly every morning to determine how to dress.
        Calculator- when you need to calculate something complicated in a hurry.
        Sound Setting- need easy access to toggle my ringer.
        Pandora- for quick music access.
        Mail- running a business means that I need to be accessible via email and sometimes in a hurry.
        Daily Bible- I read a Bible verse each morning before starting my day.
        Color Note- I'm always creating lists whether it's groceries, errands, or new songs that I hear.
        Internet- hey, I gotta check my blog, read other blogs, conduct Google searches, etc. on the go quickly!
        Gallery- I love shooting photos and I want to be able to pull them up quickly.
        Instagram- again, I'm a photography, why WOULDN'T you want Instagram on your home screen?
        Cameras- I made a folder to hold all of my favorite cameras rather than having to search through the menu.
        A picture of Simon- I love him.  This picture changes from time to time, but he's always there.

Bonus // The top bar includes a bluetooth icon so that it connects when I enter my car, my ringer is usually on silent, the connection is 4G, my battery tends to be a little low at the end of the day and I recently started using my phone alarm rather than the alarm clock next to my bed.

Now it's your turn!  If you would like to be featured on "What's on your Home Screen?", send me an email at to get submission details.

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