Monday, August 6, 2012

City Life in Suburbia: Let's Play Ball!

A couple of weeks ago I attended a Minor League baseball game.  It was the second baseball game I'd ever seen live.  Loved it!  Everything is better live anyway, no?

The baseball field happens to be in the suburbs.  A few pros to this?  Less traffic, close parking, lower ticket prices and lower parking prices!

This happened to be the night of the Olympic opening ceremonies, so throughout the game they had an "Olympic" competition between the red and blue teams.

At the end of each baseball game there is a great fireworks show, so if I felt inclined, I could see fireworks every weekend!  Oh, and I had to have a hot dog...what's a baseball game without one?


  1. Looks like a blast!! I agree baseball in so much better in person, on TV it puts me to sleep, lol

  2. minor league games are so much fun to attend!


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