Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DIY Cupcake Banner + A Birthday

Hello!  Man what a busy weekend I had, but I got a ton accomplished so I won't complain about that!

I'm sure you all have been exposed to the "banner on cakes" trend.  I've always thought this was the cutest idea but didn't have a reason to make one.  Last week was my sister's birthday and we were planning to get together over the weekend, so this was the perfect opportunity to give it a go.  Simon is an advocate of throwing things away, and I on the other hand am not.  More times than not I end up finding a use for things.  Luckily I keep scrap paper because that's what I ended up using for the banner.  Because I had all items on hand, I came out of pocket 0% (the best!).

I would suggest using a large hole punch for circles, but since I didn't have one I used a candle holder as a template.

I cut out different sized circles and triangles and made curly-q's.  I wanted to make the banner a little different by cutting out different shapes and giving it a graphic feel.

I glued some of the triangles onto the larger circles to make an interesting graphic.  I then punched small holes into each shape and strung them onto a jewelry wire.  You can use whatever you want but this is what I had on hand and I rather enjoyed working with it.

I tied the curly-q's (is there a formal name for these??) to a piece of ribbon in order to hang them from the chandelier.

I tied the banner to two wooden skewers and stuck them onto the sides of two cupcakes.  This is how it turned out!


I'm so happy that my sister liked everything!  Here are more pictures from the celebration.

Birthday girl!

Chai Tea Martini---delicious!
My sister requested unique ice cream flavors, so I got Goat Cheese with Red cherries and Brown Butter Almond Brittle by Jenis Splendid Ice Creams.  Both were sooooo good!


I made confetti for the table by cutting out circles and hearts with hole punches.

The cupcakes were by Jilly's Cupcakery (the same place we ordered cupcakes from for Mother's Day).  I ordered Salted Caramel and Chocolate Cappuccino.


  1. Oh my gosh, this is so cute! I love your twist on the traditional bunting.

  2. What a fun birthday party! I love the bunting -- so super cute! And, I want those ice cream flavors look amazing! Yum!

    1. Thank you! They actually sell the ice cream in local stores. I got it from the Fresh Market. You should definitely look them up in your area :)

  3. Hey Baby Girl,

    Great job on your sisters Birthday pics, your ingenious crafts and hospitality. :) Yes the cupcakes were yummy especially the Salted Caramel. The Chi Tea Martini was a good choice that the Birthday Girl chose and a new one for us to try out. It was so easy to make and a cute look with the garnish. Hey you know there was some left over which we had to get rid of. So where did it go? Down our throats!! LOL! :)


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