Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Seasonal Music

I can go through my catalog of music and pinpoint the season that each album reminds me of.  I love finding new music to listen to for a season.  I came across my new favorite album of the moment, Shields by Grizzly Bear.

I first heard of Grizzly Bear a few years back on a cd wedding favor that a friend made for their wedding.  The song was nice, but not enough to incline me to do research.  Fast forward about two years (which was three weeks ago) and you would have found me listening to Sirius XMU while painting my dining room.  I've skipped past this channel plenty of times thinking that it was an acoustic station, but I was happily surprised to find out that it's not!  It's in fact an indie rock station.  Loved it!  While listening, I heard a song called Sleeping Ute and it happened to be by Grizzly Bear.  I am in love with this song!  I have no idea what the meaning of it is, but it sounds great.

I found out that their new album, Shields, came out last week.  Yes, this is my autumn album.  I can already see myself driving down the highway looking at all of the changing leaves and mountains with a hot chocolate in my cup holder and blasting this album!

Do you find yourself looking for new music as the seasons change, and do certain albums just take you back?  Also, have you heard of Grizzly Bear and if so are you a fan?

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