Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tree Trimming- Mom Edition

Last year was the first time in around 17 years that we got a real Christmas tree for my Mom's house and we decided to get another one this year.  The lot that we went to last year was in a nursery parking lot, but there is now a package store there (I guess alcohol trumps plants).  We ended up finding another lot this past weekend and got a great tree!  The lot was called Randy's Christmas Trees and they had the cutest set up.

My mom in the front and my sister in the back :)

This is the tree that we chose.

Then we did a little tree trimming.  Her tree colors this year are green and purple ornaments (my choice) with multicolored and white lights.  Simon came over to her house after he got off of work...he was a trooper...he helped with half of the lights then took a long nap, ha!

My ornament from babyhood

I'm sure her house is now filled with that fresh pine scent!

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  1. Oh how nice, and yes the house has the fresh scent of pine and I didn't even have to pull out the Pine Sol! LOL!

    Love Ya Baby Girl


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