Monday, March 25, 2013

A Day to Reminisce

We bought our house again this morning!  We decided to refinance since the rates were so low.  This was a part of our plan to cut costs, and we're excited about the results that we will soon see.

Today I decided to dedicate this post to our house and how it looked before we moved in.  These are the pictures that I took while we were house hunting.  Our house hunting ended up being a one day event.  We looked at two other houses before reaching ours.  Simon had to work that day, so my mom, sister, my agent and I did the hunting.  I showed Simon the pictures of the two houses that I liked the most, and we decided on this one :)

 Looking in from the front door

 The downstairs guest bedroom (the first door to the left in the image above)

The guest bathroom downstairs

 The Kitchen

View of the Kitchen and Dining Room from the Great Room (the image below is actually the house next door, but our house has the same layout.  The only differences are the backsplash, the granite color and the style of cabinet).  Oh, and my Mom, Sister and Agent are below :)

The Great Room (and my sister :) )

 The hall upstairs

Master Bedroom and Bath

The first guest bedroom upstairs (AKA my Office)

Didn't get pictures of the second guest bedroom's a room!  Oh, and the guest bath upstairs looks exactly like the one downstairs, so no point in posting it twice.

One of the things that I was most excited about, the back yard.
A lot of new homes these days do not have enough yard space, so seeing this made me smile big!  The only thing I wasn't excited about was the kudzu.

So, the top five reasons why I loved this house-

5.  As I just mentioned, a back yard that we can actually use.  Run around, build a garden, do whatever.

4.  A guest bedroom and bathroom are on the first level.

3.  The open floor plan.  I love the two story great room, it opens everything up even more.

2.  A wood burning fireplace.  Many newer homes have gas logs, but I love fires with real wood (a lower gas bill is an added bonus!).

1.  The kitchen!  All of the cabinets, the deep sinks and the counter space.   In fact, whenever I think about our home, I remember the first time I saw the kitchen.  My eyes widened and I smiled so big!  We were living in an apartment before and it was no fun trying to prepare meals on tiny counters with the two of us in there together.  For fun, here's the kitchen in our old apartment-

Excuse Simon, he was snacking on something and doing some last minute packing on moving day, lol!

Now it's your turn!  What are the things that drew you to your home and what were you so excited to see for the first time?


  1. You are so adorable! You have a much better attitude about refinancing - when we refinanced I was just annoyed about the amount of paper work :).

    I LOVE how open your house is, and your back yard is such a great size. You're right, most newer houses have no yard and it's such a bummer.

    I didn't get to choose this house, but the first time I was there I loved how historic it was. I LOVED that Chris owned a cute little bungalow - it was just so charming :).

    1. Thank you! Hey, I have to find the silver lining somewhere, right? lol :)

  2. Yay, for buying the house you adore all over again!! We are planning on re-financing our home too once it's completed! Your house is so pretty, love those shingles out front!! Aren't they the best!

    Love how open and spacious your home is! Hmm, things I love about my home its character, huge backyard and hardwood floors. But our home was far from cute when we bought it, thankfully we saw past all that and put an offer in!

    1. Thanks! I do love the shingles, but you got me thinking about painting them a different color now, hahahaaa!!! Future project perhaps...

      Yes, I would definitely say go for refinancing. I'm just excited to be saving money! lol


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