Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Styling Course: Coffee Table, Sectional and Bar

Howdy!  In my last post I mentioned an online styling course that I have been taking.  It is being taught by Justina Blakeney, an amazing stylist that has worked with brands including Etsy, One Kings Lane, Uncommon Goods, Martha Stewart Weddings, Anthology Magazine and YouTube!  The course is being taught virtually through a website called Skill Share.  This site is amazing!  There are so many different classes being offered, and the best thing is that the prices are affordable and you have lifelong access to the content of the courses that you enroll in.  Oh, and what I mean by affordable is $20 for a two week styling course.  Yes, just $20!  If you are interested in taking the course at some point, I can send you an invite email that offers a discounted rate.  Just let me know if you're interested!

Anyway, the things that we have learned are the eight principals of styling, and with that knowledge we are supposed to style five key areas of our home- The couch, coffee table, credenza, bookshelves and bed.  So far we have completed our couch, coffee table and credenza.  Here are my before and afters.

Coffee Table before:

Coffee Table after:

Later on Simon suggested I try the runner straight down the table rather than diagonal.  I think I like it better like this.

Next project-

Sectional before:

Sectional after:

I was going to post my before and afters of my credenza (I chose the bar area), but I just posted recent shots of the dining room last week.  I made a few more changes since then because of the class, so I won't bore you with tons of shots...just a couple.



I am really enjoying this course!  I think you all would like it, too.  She has almost 500 students that signed up and this is her first course.  I'm sure she will be teaching more :)

Have any of you taken any courses on interior styling?


  1. The courses sound like fun! I'd love to take one as soon as we move back in our home!! :) I haven't take n in styling courses only art & drafting on the creative side.

    Your sofa & coffee table look great! I don't remember seeing your sofa before, but me likely! Its pretty and modern, but also looks comfy. As always your bar area looks good!!

  2. I think you would love this course! I'm hoping she does more sessions. I'll let you know if she does :)

    Thanks so much! As you may have guessed the sectional is an Ikea find...surprise, surprise, lol! It's totally comfortable. In fact Simon is taking a nap on it right now, hahahaha :)

  3. Hi Lauren, I've just started following your blog. I'm doing Justina's fab course too, and I'm enjoying it just as much as you are.


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