Monday, April 8, 2013

What My Weekend Consisted Of

Hi guys!  I hope you had a nice weekend.  Mine was packed but great!  Here is a little photo recap:

1-2// The trees are blooming all around town.  I just want to snatch one up and give it a new home in my backyard.
3// We enjoyed the fire pit since the temperatures at night have been cool.
4-6// I started an interior styling course online last week, so this weekend involved purchasing styling knick-knacks and turning my living room upside down...well, somewhat.
7//  I have been addicted to grapefruits lately.  Just typing the word makes me want to grab one right now.
8-9// We went to a b'day party for Simon's coworker's (hey girl!) son at a fun place called Glow Galaxy.  It's all neon lights and colors, bounce houses and blow up slides.
10-12//  We tried out Caribou Coffee and I LOVED my drink.  The interior was so cozy;  like a log cabin with a double-sided fireplace and all!  As we were sitting there we saw an employee posting signs on the doors saying that they will be closing in two weeks.  Like, for good.  BUMMER!!!  Apparently they are closing 18 locations in the Atlanta area and they will be replaced by Peet's Coffee.  Not feeling so great about that.  Anyone heard of Peet's?
13//  Of course since it's been nice outside we have been grilling.  Duh.

How was your weekend?


  1. Peet's Coffee is huge out here (not as big as Starbucks! lol) but a lot of local's love their coffee....on on the fence and it depends :) I love Dutch Bothers, so hopefully it will make an appearance out your way.

    Sounds like you had a fun relaxing weekend and BBQ weather is always happiness in our house too :)

    1. It's a bummer because that Caribou Coffee that I had was sooooooo good! Hopefully I like Peet's. I'll give them a shot :) Hmmm, I've never heard of Dutch Brothers. Maybe they're primarily on the west coast? It sounds like I need to take a trip out there and try all of your coffee shops, lol!


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