Thursday, October 24, 2013

Frisco, Colorado Part I

Two weeks after our Florida vacation, I traveled to Frisco, Colorado for work.  My department has an annual conference/training there and this was my first time attending.  The meetings were informative, but the best part of the trip was the scenery in my opinion...oh, and the happy hour sponsored by the vendors each drinks! :)  When we arrived it was partly cloudy, but overall sunny outside of the airport.  We flew into Denver and had a two hour drive to Frisco.  We stopped a few times along the way to get photos.  On the drive up (literally up, Frisco is at an elevation of 9,100 ft.) it started lightly snowing.  It was surreal and beautiful.  It looked like we were in the middle of a movie scene.  Anyway, enough talk.

On the way to Frisco:


This was the view from my hotel room window to the left...

 ...and to the right.

The Colorado sunsets are amazing!

We found a cute little crepe stand in the nearby town of Breckenridge.  The crepes were AMAZING!  The ambiance was great as well as they had their fire pit blazing (it was in the 30's at night).


Since I took so many photos I had to break this post into two, so I'll be back tomorrow with the second half!

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