Monday, October 21, 2013

The Myers' in Florida

Hello fine people!  Yes, it's me, and I've finally crawled out from under that blasted rock!  I hope you had a great summer and are having a great start to your autumn.

I wanted to share a few (a lot) of photos from our vacation to Orlando and Daytona Beach back in early September.  We visited Simon's family for a few days in Orlando then went to the beach for the remainder of the week.

To start, moss is apparently a bad thing for trees, but it looks so beautiful to me just hanging there!  Here are a few shots I took while we stopped for lunch along the way.

As we were about to drive into Simon's parents neighborhood I saw a tall figure standing by the street.  After getting closer I asked "Is that a crane?!?", to which Simon said "Yep!".  This was my first time seeing a crane in person.  Well, I was in the car, but still.  After we arrived at their house and settled in I brought up the crane.  Simon's grandmother said that they hang out in the back yard in the afternoon!  She said about 12-15 at a time!  I was shocked and couldn't wait to see them the next day.  By the time I started taking pictures there were only a few hanging around, but it was still amazing.

The next day we explored downtown Orlando hoping to find a cute restaurant to have lunch.  Well that didn't fact we drove through downtown and few times and kept asking "Was that all??".  Ha!  So this is the only shot I got down there.

We ended up back in the suburbs and ate CPK.

The rest of our vacation was spent either beach side or pool side and trying out off the cuff restaurants (thanks to google maps!).  Cue random photos from the rest of our vacation:

Did any of you go on vacation over the summer?

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