Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 Wrap Up Pt. I

I can't quite start the new year of blogging without wrapping up 2013 in a nice little bow.  So how was your holiday?  The holiday season to me was a whirlwind.  Like everyone has been saying, Christmas came too fast.  I didn't do a lot of things that I wanted to do for the Christmas season (annual Christmas tree photo of Simon and me, send out Christmas photo cards of us, blog posts of our Christmas decor, blog link parties, outdoor decorations, listen to a lot of Christmas music, watch White Christmas, watch A Christmas Story...I could go on...blah!).  Still it was enjoyable.  Simon's family came to visit and this was the first time in over 8 years that his immediate family has been together on Christmas.  I was happy to see him happy.

As far as the Christmas decor, I was inspired by a group of Christmas trees that I saw last year in Nordstrom.

All red ornaments and gold garland with a nice spiky tree topper.  Beautiful!  So here is my interpretation of it along with the rest of our Christmas home decor.

More shots of the decor around the house-

The white cone shaped figure below was a diy that I made of a Christmas tree.  I pretty much hole punched the bottom portion of a piece of white paper then rolled it into a cone.  I placed it on top of a multi-colored led candle to make it appear as if there were multi-colored lights on the tree.  The group of four images below shows the different colors that the candle changed to.  The inspiration for it came from this pin on pinterest.

Here are a couple of images from Christmas morning at our house with my in-Law's.

Part II coming soon...


  1. Lauren your tree is fantastic!!! I love how its all one color its so pretty and sparkles!! Thanks for sharing your Holiday with everyone :)


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