Friday, January 10, 2014

My Black Friday 2014

Hey there!  You may recall this post from last year showing what I got from Target's after Christmas 70% off sale (which I lovingly call my Black Friday).  This year was a little different because there weren't as many items available as last year (possibly because the 70% off sale started earlier this year and I didn't know...sob!), but I still got a good amount of stuff and for $20!

My loot:

1. Three rolls of wrapping paper
2. Seven wine gift bags
3. Five rolls of ribbon
4. A stackable mug set
5. A hot chocolate carafe to match the mug set
6. Two medium sized gift bags
7. One small gift bag
8. One flask

I think I made out pretty well.  Did you go to the sale?

Enjoy the weekend.  I'm especially excited for the two-part season premiere of Girls on HBO this Sunday!

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