Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Last of Winter

Yesterday the high was 80...the highest temperature this year.  Before these temperatures decide to stay around for a bit I thought I'd share a few photos from "Snowpocalypse 2014" and "Snowmageddon 2014" as Atlantans called it.

You all may have heard about the snow that Georgia received this year.  SNL even did a skit about it.  The first time it happened was when all of Metro Atlanta ended up on the road at the same exact time (1:00 pm) because all businesses and schools closed at the same exact time.  My normal hour long commute home turned into six hours.  I could have driven to Orlando in that amount of time!  The problem in GA is that we aren't used to getting this type of weather, and our snow usually turns into ice.  Ice is not cute nor is it fun to drive on especially when we aren't used to driving on it.  Many people were stranded on the interstate for 24+ hours or just had to abandon their cars on the side of the road because they either ran out of gas, could not pass certain roads due to the ice or could not drive ahead because 18-wheelers spun out and blocked up the interstate.  A woman even gave birth in her car and a lot of kids had to stay the night at their schools.  Simon didn't come home that night because he would have been sitting in the traffic if he attempted it.  Luckily his brother lives around the corner from where he works so he was able to crash there.

At any rate, a week and a half later after this fiasco we got even more snow with accompanied sleet.  This time people stayed home.  It was like...if school is closing then so are we!  The city was shut down for two days.  During the time off and because I'm a picture fiend, I shot some photos of the snow.  Looking back at the images it's hard to believe that this was only three weeks ago.  I'm not a fan of winter, but I love a good photo op.

Images from the first snowfall-

Can't even tell where the house ends and the sky begins.

Simon had to salt the driveway.

The neighborhood cat got in on the action.


Images from the second snowfall 1.5 weeks later-

Right outside of our front door.

The snow was deep!  About 5-6 inches.
There was ice on top of snow on top of ice.  That's mostly ice on the street behind Simon.

We made a snowman :)
He got a little chilly so Simon lit the fire pit for him.

Enough of this cold business, bring on the spring!

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