Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kitchen Thoughts

I'm officially in decorating mode. We just finished making our curtains a couple of days ago {more on that later} and I finally decided on a color to paint the kitchen! This is HUGE because I have a problem making decisions especially when it comes to colors. One thing that I vowed to do this year was to be more decisive, and it's going well thus far.

I've been looking for some kitchen lighting to replace the fluorescent rectangular standard fixture that our house came with. I want something a little more luxurious/modern/rustic {if there is such a fixture out there please leave a link!}. I also want my kitchen to give a feeling of happiness when you walk in it. I want the kind of kitchen that makes you want to cook when you're in it. Here are a few images that I fell in love with. I searched for French Kitchens {since I do have a love affair with France}.

I LOVE this kitchen. The brick with the crystal fixture and hints of grey and white looks lovely to me.
These lanterns are cute; I like the concept of multiple small fixtures hanging from the ceiling.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this kitchen. So simple and chic. I could definitely see myself preparing a meal in here.
I love these fixtures and the clean look with pops of color.
Something about this image just makes me smile. It looks very inviting with all of the spices, oils, tools, etc. nicely organized by the stove. I also love that exposed brick.

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Is anyone else working on a special room at the moment? Where do you go to find inspiring images?

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