Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Typical Sunday

The weather is making a change for the better finally. Because of this, we like to grill out, sit on the patio with a few drinks and listen to some avant-garde music (or a little bossa nova or classic jazz or R&B). This is something that I look forward to all week. I had been craving lamb for a few weeks, so we decided to grill a few lamb chops. This was the first time, and I must say, Simon did a splendid job! The only seasonings we used were salt and pepper...nothing else was needed. A few pics of the evening:

Setting up the charcoal.
My drink and lantern. It's an Off mosquito repellent lantern. Cute.
The north star perhaps? Can you find it?
Grill baby, grill!
The outcome. Yum!
Greek salad to accompany.
The same wine from earlier. Hey, I savor the flavor.


  1. Grilling season is my FAVORITE. Yum! I'm really hoping we get to that point soon :)

  2. Dinner looks great! Looking forward to the weekend when my husband works his magic on the grill! We love lamb chops too!

  3. Thanks! Yeah, lamb is delish especially on the grill!


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