Monday, May 23, 2011

Birthday Weekend

Yes, each day was my birthday. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Okay, maybe not. I enjoyed all three days for many reasons, but mainly because of the people that surrounded me. Family and friends.

Now I will try to summarize my weekend. Don't be upset if this ends up being long. Just scroll through and look at the pictures if it gets crazy :) Just a warning, so
me of the pictures may be a little grainy, so excuse that. Cell phones I tell ya!

My official b'day. I was off of work and so was Simon. We started the day doing yard work. Funny, but I enjoy yard work, so this is something that I really wanted to do. I do the cute stuff though...trimming bushes, pruning roses, taking them inside and sticking them into a vase, sweeping the front door area (not sure what it's called, but I like to call it a cave).

Front yard before:

Front yard after (it may not look that much different, but I can tell for sure!):

Backyard before (blasted kudzu!)

Backyard after (just about)

Found a present in our tree...a bird nest!

Afterward, we ate lunch at P.F. Changs then caught a matinee of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Yes, I watch them. Yes, I love them. Yes, this one was good. No, it didn't have too bad of a cliffhanger which made it even better.


Later, my Mom, Sister, Grandma, her husband, my Dad and little brother came over for a cookout. On the menu: Steak, Shrimp Kabobs, Loaded mashed potatoes and caesar salad. Beer Margarita's were the beverage of the night. Quadruple yum. A strawberry shortcake ice cream cake by Carvel was attacked as well.

Pillows that my grandma made for me:

The bench that my grandma's husband made for me! It will be under a tree soon.

They know what I like!

His coffee tastes so much better than mine.

Nothing during the day...just the way I like it. That night I went to a chic little spot in Atlanta called Circa Cafe with a few fly ladies. Absolutely delicious from start to finish. The drinks were spectacular. I started with a Girl #7 which consisted of Gin, Strawberries, Cucumbers, Mint and some other liquid. I ended with a Sangria. This was the best Sangria I've ever had. Their dinner menu was excellent. Very creative. I had lamb ribs as a starter and I lamb burger for my entree. They have a rooftop deck, so we headed there after dinner and took in the night air. Sultry music was playing, and I was in love. You already know that I am a nature freak, so being outside at night with a drink looking at the stars was an absolute highlight of my weekend.

Girl #7

My sister! Isn't she cute!

Partial Atlanta skyline in the background! Had to take a picture there.

Internet Church (thank you, God, for another year of life!), then b'day gift(s) shopping with Simon. Can you believe I went to TJ Maxx/Home Goods and didn't even go into the Home Goods section?!?! Crazy right? But it was nice shopping for items that I could wear.

Thank you baby!

Afterward I cooked dinner then watched The Proposal (to the window, to the wall, LOL!). That was pretty much it. Love. All weekend. Even more than usual. Love is beautiful. So is nature.

Balloon courtesy of my lovely coworkers. They also got cupcakes, eclairs and a cookie sandwich for me!

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