Saturday, October 1, 2011

I'm Back!

Hiatus is officially over!  I liked it.  If felt good being disconnected from everything.  I didn't really do anything huge, but I definitely had more time to work on things (new products, new website, updating blog layouts, etc.).  I think I might lower my blog reading to once a week.  It was kind of cool skimming through a months worth of blogs that I've missed (I've only gotten through two blogs so far, many more to go!).  I actually liked it better than checking them constantly every day.  It seems like checking them constantly and seeing the things that people are doing becomes a direct reflection on what I'm NOT doing and where I am NOT in my life.  Kind of a crappy feeling.  This, I think, is what caused me to want to go on hiatus.  Too many reminders of where I want to be and wondering why I'm not there yet.  Anyway, I hope your September was great!  Mine was okay.  It involved TONS of movie watching and lots of change at work.

What have you been up to?


  1. Welcome back! I was thinking about how your month hiatus the other day and was then super excited to see you pop up in my reader! :) I wish I had the discipline to just read blogs once a week ... I'd get so much other stuff done!

  2. Thanks! You know, maybe reading blogs once a week is a little extreme. Maybe every other day, ha!


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