Friday, October 28, 2011

S+L 3rd Anniversary: Where are they now?

For the past week you have seen our wedding details and all of the fun stuff that it took to get there.  I thought it would be fun to do a post showing where some of the elements from our wedding are now and how we use them in our everyday lives.

After the wedding was over, we had lots of the Chinese take out boxes left over.  I decided to redecorate them and create snack boxes for Christmas to give to coworkers.

...turned into this...

My bouquet and the sand from our sand ceremony is now in our glass case in the dining room.


I wear my earrings when I get the urge, and the necklace to formal occasions.

The basket which housed the programs is now in our coat closet holding umbrellas (you may have seen this already in the basket post).

Our "vases" which were actually pilsners from Ikea are now a permanent part of our drinkware.

Some of the florals are now scattered around the house in a few locations.

The branches used to hold the escort cards are now in a vase at my mom's house.

Thanks for following us over the week and taking a peek at our wedding!  Feel free to post any links of your own wedding posts, I'd love to check them out.  I love seeing how people's weddings come together and how they add personal elements that reflect their personalities.  Also, tell me, do you have any items from your wedding that you use in your everyday life?

Have a great weekend and next week we will be back to our regularly scheduled DIY-ing!

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