Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Challenging Space: Storing and Displaying Bathroom Essentials

Every day life involves a few staples
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Lotion
  • etc.
I made an observation.  When looking at blogs and/or magazines and someone's bathroom is in a photo, you usually don't see those essential items anywhere.  I consider it a form of false advertisement because we know that the person has the items somewhere, so why not display them?  There are pretty ways to display these belongings without taking up too much space.  What to display depends on what your routine is and how important it is to have certain items handy.  So now I will bring you...

One bathroom counter three ways!

What all of these images have in common is the ever loved tray.  Trays come in handy for so many things, especially for organizing and de-cluttering.  Oh yeah, and each setup displays a perfume because hey, a girl's gotta smell good!

1. Straight to the point
This is someone that has a simple morning routine involving the staples mentioned above and maybe a couple of other small things like a fragrance, facial moisturizer, lip balm, etc.

A few things to note//
- The oral care items are corralled in an open glass jar which helps with de-cluttering.
- A decorative soap dish can be used as a storage item for small things as well!

2. Makeup Junkie
This person has a serious makeup routine in the morning.  Two glass containers are used; a tall one to hold long makeup items (mascara,  brushes, etc.) and a short one to store small makeup items (eyeshadow, lipstick, etc.).  It's also better to only keep the makeup handy that is used everyday rather than keeping the whole collection out.

A few things to note//
- A makeup mirror is included here because it can be a best friend during application.
- A mirrored tray gives a bit of interest to the counter and glass on top of glass looks great!

3. The Skincare Junkie
This person has a daily/nightly routine for their skin and may have various washes, scrubs, oils and moisturizers to store.  These items are displayed on a small glass tray and sit next to a decorative box.


A few things to note//
- A decorative soap box is used to store small items (cotton balls, cotton pads and q-tips).
- A large box is used to store other daily items, and with a close of the box it is all hidden.

In summary, don't hide your stuff!  Keep it out and be proud of it.   Find fun and unique ways to display these items without becoming too intrusive.

So how do you keep your essentials stored and which of these does your morning routine mirror?

Straight to the Point//

The Makeup Junkie//

The Skincare Junkie//


  1. I WISH I had the space to put things on a counter. We have the tiniest bathroom with the tiniest pedestal sink. The perk is that it's forced me to become very minimal and low-maintenance when it comes to products. The downfall is that it's forced me to become very minimal and low-maintenance about products :)

  2. I'm a skincare junkie for sure! But I keep most of my stuff int he medicine cabinet. The only things that I have on display are: toothbrush, makeup bag, perfume (the last two match) and lotion.

    1. Medicine cabinets can definitely come in handy! I love that idea.

  3. Hey Baby Girl!

    Nice ideas! Just to share something I did. My vanity space is so large that it's easy to accumulate stuff!! So when I remodeled my master bath I didn't want certain items visible at all, like tooth paste, tooth brushes, and product containers. So I found the cutest wire door racks that I installed on the inside of my vanity doors. This gave me so much more space and decluttered my vanity top. Very inexpensive and gave me more space to put stuff but it's hidden!! LOL

    Love Mom

    1. Great idea! I may look into doing something like that to store my nail polish since I have so many :)


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