Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Patio Reveal

Hi there!  I mentioned yesterday that I had a fun reveal coming up this week from my Spring Forward Project List.  Based on the title, you now know what it is.

8. Spruce up the patio area (add pillows to the furniture and some potted plants. extra credit: a new light by the door)

When we first moved in, we started out with a small patio set that came from our apartment.  I was dreaming of upgrading to an outdoor living room set but the prices were waaaayyyy out of budget.  A few months later, my friend and I (she bought her house a year before me so we love going home decor shopping together...we've spent 5 hours in ikea before) went to the Atlanta location of the Habitat for Humanity Restore and I saw a patio set similar to the ones that I loved.  You never know what will be at the Restore, so finding this was miraculous.  After the purchase, our patio turned to this (and has been this way for the last three years).

And finally, here is the newly spruced up patio.

As far as purchases, I started with the lanterns.  I wanted to create a fun, eclectic space and the yellow was a perfect place to begin.

I found the indoor/outdoor rug at Home Goods on clearance.  For some reason it was the only one on clearance, but after careful observation, nothing looked strange to me.  Snatch!

Next, I bought pillows.  I was planning on having my Grandma make some for me, but I couldn't resist these pillows from Target.  I guess June is considered "end of summer" because the patio section in Target was full of clearance items.  This is also where I purchased our first umbrella (shown in this patio sneak peak post), but returned it because it didn't mix well with everything else.  I ended up at Lowe's and found the current umbrella (clearance again).  Apparently the best time to purchase items for the summer is IN the summer.

I moved the bench that my Grandma's husband made for me for my b'day last year to the spot under the side window.  Extra seating is always a plus!

A few things to note...

-I mentioned that I wanted to add some potted plants.  Well the only plants that I have out there are my herbs.  I'll possibly get large plants to place on the ground in large planters next spring.  Besides, I'm not interested in bugs, and I think the plants will attract them.

-I also mentioned extra credit being changing out the back light.  Well that didn't happen either.  I saw a few that I liked, but decided to wait because it's not that big of a deal.  Besides, I got an umbrella and a rug...two things that weren't even on the list.  I consider that extra credit!

I've been loving sitting out with the umbrella open especially when the sun is directly overhead.  I also love the secluded feeling that it gives at night.  It feels like I'm on vacation every time I sit out.

Decorating is a never ending thing, so I'm sure at some point additions/subtractions will be made.  For now this is what it is, and I love it :)


  1. What a lovely space! I love the addition of the fabrics -- the rug, pillows and umbrella are all gorgeous! I'm sure you guys get so much use out of this space :)

    1. Thanks, Jenn! We are definitely loving it out there :)

  2. this looks great! looks so homey!

  3. Lovely! The pops of color look great with the black and white prints. Makes me wish I could have a backyard patio in Chicago. :)

    1. Thanks! I just have to have my pops of color, lol!


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