Friday, August 17, 2012

What's on your Home Screen, Joanna?

Happy Friday to you!

Today Joanna Waterfall of Waterfall Creative will be talking about what's on her home screen.  Joanna is a Graphic Designer and blogger, so check her out!  Her blog is one of my daily reads, I just love her style!

Take it away, Joanna!


Hey everyone! My name is Joanna Waterfall.  I'm a graphic designer and artist at heart.
I currently have a white iphone 4.  It is so helpful to me in so many ways. Keeping in touch with people, keeping in contact with clients and emails, and who could forget the wonderful apps that help me keep my stuff organized and fun! I have tons and tons of apps, but here's a bit about the few that I keep on the home page:

The top two rows are my main Apple apps, settings, weather, photos and music, etc. These are essentials and so I have them at the tippy top! I also have my maps, a section with my "productivity" apps, like notes, to-do lists, etc. My favorite to-do list app is TeuxDeux. I use it on my computer while I'm working and having it linked to my phone is the best. When I'm out and about I can see and check things off my to-do list. 

Pinterest is such a fun app. I find myself on my phone pinning at random times of the day, when I'm waiting in line at the grocery store, taking a lunch break, any time I'm just chillin on my phone!  My favorite app is my Instagram app.  I pair this with VSCO CAM app.  Instagram is so much fun, like Twitter but with images!  And for a visual person like me, I really have grown to love it.  I edit all of my instagram photos with VSCO CAM.  I love the filters they have.  They add a nice touch without being too much.  I also have my app which tracks all of my finances and spending, along with my NPR news app. where I'm updated on the latest news and music trends! 

I have my email and Safari app at the very bottom, because these are probably what I use the most. They're closest to my thumbs!  I check my email constantly, so I love having this app easily accessible on my phone. 

My cover is wooden...
 ...but I am planning on purchasing one of these beauties with art from Kelli Murray as she just released them and I fell in LOVE!

My background is a photo of my chalkboard over my desk, with a simple heart in the corner. I really love having a simple background, with a bit of texture and love :)
I love my iphone, it's the one thing that rarely leaves my side. It truly is the best!!

Thanks, Joanna!

Don't forget to check out Joanna's blog.  You will be inspired (especially if you are a design junkie)!

If you would like to be featured on "What's on your Home Screen?", send me an email at TheMyers08{at}gmail{dot}com to get submission details.

{photo credits 1: Kristin Rogers, 2-4: Joanna Waterfall}

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