Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Just Add Paint

Hi there!  I hope all is well on your end.  I wanted to share with you a quick craft that I completed over the weekend.

To make a long story short my mobile is toast.  As of Saturday morning only the power button was functioning properly so in order to exit apps I had to restart the phone each time.  For a few weeks only one button didn't work, then on Saturday the other three stopped working one after the other.  Luckily Simon had his old phone (which is the same model as mine), so I had the "fun" task of transferring all of my info to his phone and resetting everything (apps, appointments, emails, contacts, etc.).  I considered buying a new phone until I saw the going rate...yikes!

To make myself feel better I decided to update his old phone cover.  They only have cute covers for iphones it seems, so I decided to make my own cuteness.

This is how it looked before

  I pulled out the pink and gold paint and ended up with this-

Since I painted freehand the lines aren't perfectly straight, but hey, that just gives it more personality!

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  1. I love this! Such a fun take on a boring black case :)


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