Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Guest Bath Updates

Hi!  I wanted to share with you all a few changes that I made to our guest bathroom.  To refresh your memory, this is how it looked-

I was getting tired of this layout and wanted to change out the shower curtain for some time now.  I finally found a nice one on clearance at Home Depot.  I then went around the house searching for items to place in here to change up the decor.  This is the final result-

The new layout and colors seem spa-like to me.  Oh, and I made the sign to let guests know where they can throw their paper towels since I don't want to have a trash can in the open.

I believe that one of the best places to "shop" is in your own home, pulling items from one location and putting them somewhere new.  Of the decor in here, only two things are new, the shower curtain and the soap holder that the paper towels are resting on.

Do you ever find yourself "shopping" around the house?


  1. The new shower curtain is pretty! I like shower curtains with pretty borders. I love your artwork in there :)

    1. Thanks! I was so happy when I found the shower curtain because the color is what I had in mind. I also loved the clean border.


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