Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Green Thumb Kinda Day

Yesterday I mentioned getting my green thumb on over the weekend.  On Saturday I got the urge to buy succulents, basil and house plants (probably because I still had gift cards for Lowe's).  Last year I got some succulents and somehow managed to kill them all :(  I was also growing basil, mint and oregano last year.  The basil did great, the oregano survived the winter and is thriving now, and the mint...well, I managed to kill that, too.

I needed more pots, so I bought a few from Lowe's and spray painted them.  I love spray paint if you haven't noticed :)

Here are all of the plants and pots-


Here's the oregano last month (I'm still shocked that it made it through the winter!).

Here it is now after a little (a lot of) TLC.

I am especially loving the house plants.  When I saw the pink on the leaves I had to get them!  Right now the gold and black pot resides on my desk in my office and the pink and gold pot resides in the great room.  It's nice having plants indoors.  The best thing about that plant is that it requires little light and little water...perfect!  I have a feeling that I might become addicted to house plants really soon especially since they're so inexpensive.

How about you?  Any plans on doing some spring "gardening"?


  1. Your pots are so cute! I love the hot pink - so fun with the green plants :)

  2. Those pots are super cute!!! I love succulents too and need to buy some Jade its supposed to last forever.


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