Tuesday, April 23, 2013

iPhone or Android...Your Thoughts?

Hi guys!  I hope your weekend went well.  Mine was great; it was full of getting my green thumb on and rearranging my office.

Today's topic is one of the greatest debates known to mankind...iPhone vs Android.  The time has come for me to buy a new phone.  Luckily Simon's previous phone has held me over for a few months, but now that T-Mobile carries the iPhone I have some serious decisions to make.  The current phone that I have is an Android.  I enjoy that it is Google based because I use a lot of Google applications.  It's great having all of the Google things already on my phone, and I can log into my Google account and see what's going on with my phone.  As far as iPhones, I have heard many people say they love them and many say that they hate them.

I know a lot of you have iPhones, so I'm opening this post up to you!

- Do you love or hate your iPhone?
- Did you formerly have an iPhone then switched to an Android and were glad you did or vise versa?
- Does the iPhone 5 have a swype keyboard? (this is a necessity for me...like, if it doesn't have it the debate is over)
- Do you ever have technical issues?

I'm so confused!  I'm either going to get the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

The iPhone is only $30 more, so no biggie in the price difference.  iPhones have cuter cases (yeah, I'm superficial in that a major part of me picking a phone is the vast variety of cute cases) and I can even design my own case!  Both phones have excellent cameras which is a HUGE deal to me.  iPhones seem to have better apps...but I don't like that you have to have an iTunes account in order to do any and everything.  I also don't like that iPhones don't play Flash websites.  Again...I'm so confused!



  1. I LOVE love love my iphone. I've never had technical issues and I have all the google apps on my phone so I can access everything. I used an Android when I was traveling through Europe last fall and I HATED it. I just think that the iphone is more intuitive. I'm still running on a 4, so I'm not sure if the 5 has a swype keyboard.

  2. Such a good post and tough questions - up until a few months ago I had an HTC Android and loved it, but sometimes it was wonky and took forever to load no biggie in the long term.

    Once thing that's a hue stand out for me is the camera! iPhone seriously has a better camera than an Andriod - even though they say its the same its not. Hasani would snap a pic with his iPhone and then I would with my HTC and the pics looked so different.

    I really love my Iphone and adore the using the emotions buttons etc...now would I upgrade all the time and camp over for a new iPhone? No way that's just silly, lol - My new iPhone is a four and I love it just fine.

  3. Tonika25.4.13

    Well, I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I love it. I also have an iPhone for my work on call phone that I do not care for at all, I just think I don't appreciate the shackles that come with apple products. Since the cameras are important to you, I honestly don't see a difference in the quality of the pics - they are both excellent. To me the S3 is like being cool and the iphones are like your parents trying to be cool.

  4. My friend who is in IT...ditched his Galaxy to give the Iphone a go...he said it's nice, but he hates that he can't do nearly as much with it. I love my Galaxy because it links all of my google stuff. my emails, calender, google wallet too. I think my galaxy has an amazing camera as well. I just think that people love iphone because it looks really nice and it's sleek looking. Personally I think the cases are pretty damn nice too and I wish someone would get the hint to make really nice cases for the Galaxy.


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